Low-Budget Garage Makeover by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Planning to do something with our gararge soon? We were looking for some time to show you a garage makeover and here we’ve found this beautiful project envisioned by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, which proves that making a gorgeous, reasonable space for family doesn’t have to require fancy resources or cost you a fortune. Seeing these images below with a fun, trendy lounge appropriate for a young family, we can’t even imagine how it looked like this space before.


Sacramento interior designer Kerrie Kelly made an amazing low-budget transformation with this once-overloaded garage and the result turned out better than expected. Three words to describe this chic living room: modern, fun and functional. Inspired by the subtle farmhouse backdrops in Napa and Sonoma not too far away from there, the space, filled with natural light when the original garage door opens up, is a charming mix of creative and inspiring details, a soothing palette and graphic patterns. Wonderful play with color shows bright dashes of color against the sophisticated gray and white background, creating a playful and optimistic atmosphere to spend the day.

The design team wanted to achieve an open, bright and airy space, so they add open shelving and design  horizontal stripes on walls that visually expand the room. The horizontal wall stripes were made very easy by simply painting wood boards and nailing them up. The modern bookcased were designed from reclaimed wood and incorporates industrial pipes, that keeps a bit of garage feel in there. We love the red wheels on the industrial coffee table, interesting barstools design, the silhouettes of each family member in a different color on the wall and the plain concrete garage floor painted with concrete paint -great details! Very inspiring concept, don’t you think?






Photos © Kerrie Kelly Design Lab


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