Luxurious Interiors and Indian Contemporary Art in a Triplex Apartment in Mumbai

“Luxury is not about buying expensive products, but about how they are set and used” consider Indian architects from ZZ Arhitects, who envisioned this absolutely stunning Triplex Apartment. A sense of luxury is all about personal aspirations combined with aesthetics and functionality, and Maheshwari Triplex, found in their portofolio, is a great example of this belief. Occupying three floors of a building located in Mumbai, India, Maheshwari Triplex is a gorgeous contemporary home that gives you the feeling of an elevated bungalow.


The residential project consisted of a massive redesign, and in order to form it, there were combined multiple flats, linked together by a wooder staircase and an internal elevator. Its design concept started with the idea of making a home where there’s a clear delineation between public and personal spaces. So, the apartment can host and entertain a large number of guests in the living area and lounge, while the bedrooms, terrace and jacuzzi is intented only for privacy and solace. Opulent and elegant in the same time, with a well defined personality, this 7000 sq.ft Triplex Apartment is a visual treat with its exquisite Indian Contemporary Art and spectacular view of Mumbai city.

Everything is beautiful here and the feeling you have when you look at this pictures is harmony, luxury, spatiality. The design elements are complementing one another, standing out interesting textures and materials that have been used in an innovative way. A fusion of styles and a blend of interior finishes are obvious through the home.  A single material, travertine, is manipulated in the interiors of this triplex apartment. The living room, which is the entertainment area, is uniquely crafted in order to accommodate family and friends. It displays comfortable lounge chairs and a mdoern large plasma. Moreover, it hosts an impressive Indian contemporary art collection, which give this room a fantastic, genuine look.


The apartment is designed on hi-end and luxury premises. Some of the materials used throughout it are natural unfinished stone, seasoned wood, Greek Thasos, Italian marble, Maroccan wall covers, gemstones and bronze metallic surfaces with laquered veneers in the kitchen. Bedrooms are equipped with everything they need. For instance, the master bedroom features walk-in wardrobes, television area, a small lounge and a study. But there is no way the bathroom to pass not observed, being the piece-de-resistance here.

A large jacuzzi  surrounded by three-fourth length windows draw inevitably our attention and is for sure the ideal place to relax and forget about the busy and warm day you had. To add dynamics of the residence, the terraces are carved out even if the Maheshwari Triplex is located in a building. Here the view of the city’s skyline must be fantastic. Check put this wonderful photos and is you like it, share your opinions with us!


Photos © ZZ Architects

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