Luxury spa center in Slovenia: Wellness Orhidelia

Situated in Podčetrtek, Slovenia, this luxury spa center wellness center is a special one, a sophisticated relaxing place. Wellness Orhidelia is an important projects designed by Enota  in the thermal complex Terme Olimia which comes to be an extension for the original pools resort Termalija and the new Sotelia Hotel. Started in 2007 and completed in 2009, this center has 9, 990 m2 and was designed like he previous works, in a manner that do not affect the environment but to be part of it. So its designing is more like a landscape arrangement than a building offering to guests the possibility to have a complete new and different experience of the place. Folded elevations appear like supporting walls dividing different levels of landscape surfaces. The spatial planning includes strolling paths for visitors that stretches over the roof and  on the ends connects with passing inner roads  that forms two smaller public squares to control the speed of vehicles and ultimately gives priority to pedestrians over the vehicle traffic.












Luxury, comfort, splendid landscape, thermal water are the ingredients that will transform your holiday into a perfect experience.

Do you want to try this luxury spa center in Slovenia?



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