Make a Statement with your Occasional Chair

As the name implies, occasional chairs are not meant for everyday use. You could add one to your living space as an extra seat for when guests come over, or you simply want furniture that makes your decor more unique. In any case, they are great additions to your living space. The main characteristics of this type of chair should be comfort and style. There are important factors to consider to select the right statement chair to make your space stand out. 

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Size is an important factor when choosing any type of furniture. Your occasional chair has to fit perfectly without causing clutter or making a mess of the decor of your entire room. Likewise, your choice of the occasional chair should be proportional to the other chairs. Your statement chair should not dominate your space in terms of size. It should not be dwarfed by your already existing chairs either. 

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Style and Pattern

You may want to go all casual, a little formal, all bold, or a little conservative; your chair selection depends on your style and the existing tone of your room. Select an occasional chair that contrasts the rest of your furniture to make a statement. You can achieve this with patterned chairs. Alternatively, you can opt for a bold block-coloured chair and use a few patterned accessories as highlights instead. Neutral accent chairs with a unique shape can be a good idea if they fit in with the rest of your interior decoration. 

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The right colour combination is always very vital in every statement decor. You can choose a lighter or darker shade of the main colour of your interior theme for cohesiveness. If you prefer to go bold, pick out a colour already featured in your room that would look good. In this case, you can choose a chair whose colour matches your plant pot or an art piece in your space.  


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Occasional chairs are manufactured from different materials. You will find chairs made from leather, fabric, wood, and even metal material. Your personal preferences and the purpose you want to achieve with your chair are major considerations in selecting the right materials. Soft materials like fabric feel warmer and more comfortable, while leather gives your space a sophisticated look. Less durable but attractive materials like velvet are okay, too, since the chair would only be used occasionally. 


Occasional chairs must be the perfect fit for your space in size and aesthetics. An accent chair can add more colour and improve the pattern of your living space. Generally, the best occasional chairs bring together the decor theme of the entire room. More importantly, the decorative pieces must be manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure they last long. 


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