Make Any Space in Your Home Look Bigger With These 3 Interior Design Tips

Small rooms can be tricky, especially if they are rooms that are going to be utilized frequently, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Making these rooms seem larger than they actually are can be a challenge, and many get it wrong by trying to take advantage of every corner of the space, making the room feel packed and unappealing.  

Not everyone has the budget to add on more space to their home, but luckily there are many tips and tricks to fooling the eye into thinking a space is larger than it actually is by working with what you have. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started: 

1. Add Depth 

In the design world, depth is key, as it is used as a way to change the perception and interpretation of a room. Here are three simple ways anyone can play with depth: 

  1. At InHance Interiors, one of the main ways our designers add depth is by using a dark-colored wallpaper or painting an accent wall in a dark color. This distracts the eye and draws attention to the contrast between light and dark colors in the room. 

  1. The next way is by implementing a large statement piece of art to distract the eye. Similarly to adding a dark color to a wall, it can add depth and visual interest, distracting you from the size of the space. Going with a statement piece of art can be tricky, so you want to make sure the pattern isn’t too busy if you go oversized or if you go for a bolder pattern, that you keep the areas around it more simple- adding too much can make the room feel cluttered. 
  1. The third option is by adding bold movement to a wall or ceiling. Patterned wallpaper or tile can make the room feel bigger than it really is by moving the eye around and adding composition to space. 

2. Avoid Bulky Items 

When it comes to freeing up space, your choice in furniture is going to make all of the difference. However, some items are just going to take up a lot of space by nature like chairs, desks,  tables, and sofas. There’s no way to really avoid it. However, there are ways to be strategic about the presentation of these items. 

One way to do this is by utilizing thin-legged items to take up less space. However, be cautious of height and avoid tall options or statement furniture items, as this can highlight how small the room really is and draw attention to a low ceiling. 

Storage is another way that clients can accidentally clutter up a small space. Heavy shelving and storage units should be avoided at all costs in order to free up space in a small room. Mounting items, such as bookshelves, can create even more space and give the room depth. Be sure to keep countertops clear and non-essentials stored away. We always say, there should be a place for everything. Whether it’s hidden or in a tray or bowl, being organized with your storage can really help your small space feel more roomy. 

3. Take Advantage of Light 

Natural light coming through large windows is the best way to make a small space feel larger. If you are fortunate enough to have access to a great window in your small space, choose a window covering that lets the light in. If you’re hanging curtains be sure to cover the full height of the wall from floor to ceiling as this will make the room appear taller. It takes your eye up! 

However, if your small space doesn’t have the advantage of natural light, be sure to include multiple sources of light or dive in and embrace the moodiness with darker accents. 

Lamps should be on the smaller side, and thinner in order to make the other furniture pieces appear larger. 

Lasly, large mirrors are a great way to highlight the natural light source and other lighting. 

Not only do they help create the illusion of more space, but they are also great for visual interest, distracting from the size of the room. 

Make the Small Details Count

Remember that in a small space, even the smallest details count! Making small spaces appear bigger, all comes down to making the right design choices, and with a little attention to detail, the right planning with finishes and layout, anyone can make even the smallest room appear larger. 

Bre Hance 

Bre Hance approaches her design projects with enthusiasm and intent. As the founder of InHance Interiors, a boutique firm located in Los Angeles, she services clients all over the world including athletes, celebrities, homeowners, luxury home builders, and investors. 

Bre believes that hard work, efficient planning, and excellent communication are fundamental to success. With her attention to detail and keen eye for transforming spaces, she has enjoyed the satisfaction of delivering beautifully designed homes that were merely yesterday’s dreams.


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