Making the Most of a Small Space

If you have a small apartment or a home with small spaces, you know that effective and aesthetically pleasing interior design can be a bit of a struggle. However, there are some ways that you can decorate your small spaces so that they are to not only quaint and cozy, but also practical, efficient, and can actually make the space look bigger and more livable.

Consider Color

There are a few tricks that you can implement with color to make a space look bigger, from playing with the color scheme or transitioning between dark and light colors, drawing the eyes in. Sometimes all you need to make a room look a little bigger or an entrance way look a little longer is a good coat of paint and some strategic thinking.

Cut Clutter

We’ve said this before and we will say it again, cutting clutter and cutting down on your furniture is always a good idea for any size of space. Particularly for a small space, keeping your furniture minimal, practical, and multi-functional can go a long way to making a small space more livable; for example couches that contain storage spaces or a desk that can double as a dining table, etc. The other option is to forego unnecessary furniture altogether. A bed frame, for example, can be done away with and you can keep it beautifully simple by investing instead in an incredible mattress and laying it on the floor or supporting it with pallets to allow it to breath. Cutting furniture down to just the basics helps open up the space and minimizes clutter.

Let There Be Light

Of course the best way to make any space look larger is to let the light in. Try extending curtain rods past the window frame so that the eyes are drawn out and the window looks larger, making the space look brighter. Also play with strategically placing glass picture frames and mirrors to reflect this light around the room, again opening up the space.

Free-up Your Floor

Believe it or not, getting items off of the floor can do a lot for a small space. Trade in bulky book shelves for floating shelves, and standing lamps for pot lights and wall sconces. Not only does this reduce clutter when you can see floor space, but it tricks your eye, always pulling the gaze up instead of down. Making good use of your vertical space will make the room look taller and therefore bigger.

When it comes to the compact, keeping it light, minimal, functional and deceptively decorated all make a big difference in allowing you to create a comfortable and livable small space.


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