Making the most of your home

Regardless of whether your home is a tiny box-sized apartment or even a big draughty house, there’s always something that can be done to make it a little more homely.

It’s a concept that’s certainly struck a chord with many furniture retailers who’ve helped develop an array of innovations that can help you enjoy a more luxurious time in bed, or even build a desk to provide you with a better working experience!

Kitchen workplace

Although we still label the rooms of our homes with words like ‘kitchen’ and ‘bedroom’, it’s clear that they have become multi-functional spaces.

It’s thought that most UK homes now use their kitchen as an office, but with some of these crafty ways that you can add a desk to your culinary workspace, it can provide an extra area so that you can multi-function to your heart’s content!

Bedroom entertainment

Similarly, many of our bedrooms now share a similar function to our living rooms with mobile devices helping to turn our sleeping environments into multimedia stations.

So next time you have a nice Sunday morning movie session planned, see if your current bed meets those requirements when compared to the adjustable beds found at the Bedstar website!

Lighting solutions

Of course, it’s not just furniture that can make all of the difference in the home as even the gloomiest of spaces can be made a lot brighter through some inventive lighting solutions.

There’s nothing worse for atmosphere than a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling, so checking out some spotlights and even pendant lights for the kitchen can really help your home become cosier and a lot more functional too. And don’t forget about the amazing effect that simple candlelight can have in your home!

Storage functions

However, there’s always a point where we all realise that we simply have too many possessions which is when getting some storage solutions is critical.

And whilst it can be tempting to simply put up another set of shelves, one big trend at the moment is for stackable decorative boxes to be piled together to create an aesthetically pleasing way to store your bric-a-brac.

Above all, it’s about using every centimetre of your home to ensure that every space is used to its full potential, whether it’s hanging your bicycle on the wall, or just getting that adjustable bed for the perfect start to the day!


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