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We’ve all been there – a dark, uninviting, unfalteringly corporate office entrance which is uninspiring and a little daunting to enter. First impressions count – as a business, it’s important to maintain a fresh, light and friendly entrance area which is pleasant to be in and offers an enticing insight into what you do and who you are. If your reception area is cold, bleak, run-down or plain, it reflects badly on you. You want potential clients and staff alike to enjoy the time they spend in your entrance, however short that time may be! You know that your reception area and office entrance offer an important glimpse into the working and ethos of your business – so how you can you make a great first impression on clients and employees alike by creating an inviting entrance to your office?


Choosing Colour

Our brains and emotions are significantlyaffected and influenced by colour. Therefore if you use certain colours in your entrance area, you can create a friendlier feel, and as a consequence induce a more positive emotion in the people who pass through it. Whites and creams are always popular choices because they can be calming but are also inoffensive and corporate – but pale greys, pastel hues and even bright colours can give your office a friendly, appealing vibe too. Your office is the perfect place for coordonating one MLM bussines from home, seee more details on

The Use of Texture

Combining traditional harder textures (like wood, glass and plastic) with softer textures can take the edge off a room and give it a more homely feel. You don’t have to go out with cushions, rugs and throws of course – but the introduction of fabrics on walls or as part of the furniture, natural decorations made of wood or stone and glass vases filled with flowers are all fantastic choices.

The Importance of Light

Similar to colour, different colours, types and strengths of lighting can influence our emotions and the way we feel in a particular space. Depending on what look you want to achieve, both bright and more subdued lighting can be inviting. If you can’t choose what sort of lighting might go well with your business and the existing style of your décor, then opting for a ‘Goldilocks’ not too bright, not too dark brightness is always a safe option. The style of your light fittings is also important – table and floor lamps with fabric shades are very soft and homely, wall fittings can be basic or cast creative shadows and spot lighting in the ceiling can be both bright and welcoming or subtle and calming.

Flora and Fauna

Indoor plant hire for the office can add a fresh, natural dimension to your area. Plants have been shown to have a calming and inviting effect on the brain – and in the Japanese art of Feng Shui, plants play a very important role in inviting new people into a space and having a calming, welcoming effect on those already in it.Placing plants at the entrance of your office is considered to be very good Feng Shui for a variety of reasons. Some plants even clean the air we breathe!Aesthetically, they add a unique softness to what might be an otherwise hard area – filled with cold stone floors and blank white walls. Artificial plastic and silk plants are no match for real life plants –plus they’re actually much cheaper to hire than you think! If you fancy hiring beautiful living plants for your office entrance area, why not take a look at indoor plant hire for the office, to see what sort of plants would work well with your existing décor. You might be surprised at how much of a difference a bit of greenery makes.


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