Managing Your House Or Estate Cleanout

What Is A House Cleanout?

You may have found yourself in need of a house cleanout, as many people do at one time or another, and wondering to yourself “what IS a house cleanout?”. It sounds simple, and although it is a simple concept, it can be quite an involved process. A house cleanout includes removal of furniture, clothing and other miscellaneous items left behind in a home that has become vacant.

What Does A House Cleanout Entail?

A house cleanout is a job best completed safely by junk removal professionals, as it tends to involve the removal of large items and a whole lot of junk.  Junk removal services offer real estate and commercial cleanouts as well as other services like scrap metal and construction debris removal. Junk removal services will give you an estimate before they begin the house cleanout so there are no surprises later.

Who Needs A House Cleanout?

A house cleanout is necessary for a variety of situations; however, it is a service most often used by real estate professionals like real estate agents and landlords. Additionally, the bank will perform a cleanout on foreclosed homes by enlisting the help of junk removal professionals. People often use junk removal services for items they cannot keep from a deceased loved one like large pieces, furniture, and kitchen appliances.

In What Event is A House Cleanout Necessary?

The most common are estate cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, and eviction cleanouts. Although they function the same, by clearing a property of unwanted items, different people and institutions are responsible for ensuring a full cleanout is completed for each type of property. 

Junk removal company NJ N. Vitale Disposal Inc. does hundreds of estate cleanouts annually.  They suggest that many are due to foreclosure and eviction cleanouts.  In addition, many are done when a loved one passes on.

Who Is Responsible for An Estate Cleanout?

Estate cleanouts are typically required for properties where the tenant has died. This type of cleanout is the responsibility of the tenant’s family. Estate cleanouts are also needed for those who must liquidate their assets. Some reasons may include divorce or moving to a new location.

Who Is Responsible for A Foreclosure Cleanout?

This task is facilitated by the bank or financial institution that owns the property. Prior tenants of a foreclosed home tend to leave large items, household junk, and even hazardous waste.

Who Is Responsible for An Eviction Cleanout?

If a tenant has been evicted it is the responsibility of the property manager to cleanout the property. The property manager wants this done quickly so they can rent, lease or sell the house or apartment to a new tenant as soon as possible.

Where Does the Junk Go?

When hiring a junk removal service, the items are sorted into three categories including garbage, recyclables and items suited for donation. Contrary to popular belief, not all unwanted items are collected and automatically shipped to a landfill.

What Are My Options for A House Cleanout?

House cleanouts are very straight forward, but it is important to note that even junk removal businesses follow their own systematic methods to clear a home. Although you can clean out a home and remove large items using your own truck or a rental vehicle, you will still be responsible for paying landfill fees. The NJ Solid Waste Disposal Fees differ based on region, size of unwanted junk, and/or the weight of these items.

One of the options you have is to hire a junk removal company.  NJ Cleaning World, Inc. offers junk removal services for your house cleanout and other cleanout services.

Things to Consider Before A House Cleanout

If you plan to cleanout a home yourself, you can rent a large dumpster from a junk removal business. You can also hire a friend or family member to remove items for you, however the best way to ensure items are discarded properly is to hire a junk removal service. When you contact junk removal services you can be certain that all recyclable items, including furniture and appliances will be donated, resold, recycled, or thrown away appropriately.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire A Junk Removal Company?

The cost for a house cleanout service is dependent on the condition and the size of a property. For instance, if the prior tenant was a hoarder, you can expect it to cost more for a house cleanout than for a property that was well kept by its tenant.

Declutter and Decompress

A house cleanout can be difficult for those who have lost loved ones and an extremely involved process for property managers and real estate agents to facilitate on their own. Enlisting the help of a junk removal business can ease your wandering mind asking, “what is a house cleanout?” by providing the help needed in a highly stressful time.


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