Mango Smartphone Case for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

Do you own an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S3 and you are looking for a case with a simple yet smart design to protect your device? We find Mango by Korean firm id:iP, a versatile and ingenious smartphone case made of silicon that not only make your phone look nice, but also make things easier when you’ll use it. With a patented stand and grip function, Mango case features a functional design designed to allow users to view their smartphone through the most advantageous viewing angles, especially when only one hand placed on the desk is available.


On the backside, it has a large orifice which serves as a stable finger grip for phone call, game, web surfing and texting. The case is actually comfortable to use and in this way, the users will no longer be stressed that they would drop the phone. Mango allow users to mount it both vertically and horizontally, so it’s perfect for watching videos when your hands are occupied with something else. It can be used as well as a stand for your iPad. Simple and easy! Place the smarphone horizontally and rest the iPad on it. Available in 6 trendy colors.




Photos © id:iP

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