Marble Meets Glass in Unique Sculptural Objects- Limited Edition

We’ve seen already various interior design collections made of marble and glass separately and we enjoyed very much their inspirational and fantastic designs. But how about sculptural objects that mix these two materials with a magnificent result? This we’re going to show you today, a unique looking collection which explores new dimensions in interior design by combining new technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Envisioned by Emmanuel Babled Studio, “Osmosi” is indeed a special collection constituted of furniture, lighting and vases, where hand-blown Murano glass and marble, initially two separate pieces, cannot be one without the other. They make an amazing and unexpected couple transforming each one of the previously mentioned pieces into gorgeous sculptural objects, furniture and lighting, that will draw attention right away.


To achieve these beautiful and fresh collection, which by the way is produced in limited edition,  French industrial designer Emmanuel Babled put together the glass manufactured by the Venini furnace in Murano (IT) and the marble by Testi in Verona (IT), with a precision only possible thanks to high-level digital technology.  They fit together through gravity alone, captivating through eye-cathing combinations of colors and contrasting of materials of hard and delicate in an uninterrupted flow of contours. This creative blend makes it a great focal point for any modern living room, table or bedroom sidetable. Check out Emmanuel Babled Studio’s website for other permanent unique items similar to this  limited edition “Osmosi” collection.









Photos © Nicole Marnati

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