Wooden Bookshelf with Typographic Design by Matt Innes

Displaying a wonderful typographic design, this personal bookshelf embodies the designer’s passion for typography and words, adding personality and originality to contemporary interior designs. Imagined by graphic designer Matt Innes in collaboration with Saori Kajiwara, this bookshelf is a great method of displaying your favourite books in a fresh and creative manner, showing how typography can prove useful around the house.


The interesting fact is that it’s specifically designed to hold only those books you actually want to read or you really like, so you cannot store too many books on it, though it’s an original way to decorate your wall or take advantage of unused areas of your home. It was made of wood and finished in Scandinavian oil and beeswax, each character measuring 600 x 250 x 190mm dimension. Discover the lovely result in the following pictures and tell us how you would integrate this trendy bookshelf in your home décor.






Photo © Matt Innes


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