Versatile Pixel Table with Intriguing Design by Studio Intussen

Pixel Table is a unique and unexpected furniture piece that for sure you’ll find it extremely surprising and exciting. With a versatile and eye-catching design emphasizing the strength and natural beauty of bamboo, this half side table, half storage cube, is maybe one of the Netherlands based Studio Intussen‘s stand out project that are made to give a richer experience to everyday life.


The inspiration for this Pixel Table came from balancing game of physical and mental skill, Jenga, you probably heard about, and it’s so amazing and interesting to see that it works on the same principle: the sticks of the table are made so that if you push them in, they come out the other side creating storing unlimited options. In this way, the 45cm cube ajusts itself to every other content. You can push a book or a laptop in one side and generate a resting place on the opposite side of it for sunglasses, phone or cup of coffee for example.

If you’re into a more clean look, just push the block back into place and there you have a cube-like piece. We love this idea of creating different pockets and planes for things to rest in and on. So simple yet elegant and creative design! It’s a great space-saving idea and an original addition as well for any modern room. Since it’s crafted with care and attention to detail from eco-friendly bamboo, the Pixel Table is also a green furniture item for eco-enthusiasts. We’ve found this intriguing table design on @sodapopgirl. What do you think about this design approach?




Photos © Studio Intussen


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