60 Square Meters Apartment Concept by Vlad Mishin

If you’re living in a small 60 square meters apartment and you’re looking for ideas to design it, today we share with you some inspiring and cool ideas for small spaces, which can be a great way to live in, but they can be a real challenge when it comes to remodel them. The following small-sized apartment concept envisioned by Russian designer Vlad Mishin surprise us through careful organizing, smart and creative designing that transforms before your eyes.  In an attempt to create convertible space in a flat of small sizes, Vlad Mishin seems to have found the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, managing to create more privacy and comfort than such places usually have.


With a color palette composed of white, black, yellow and oak wood, and appealing industrial design elements, “Transformer apartment”, as it was entitled, exudes an elegant, yet intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The apartment reveals a good space distribution thanks to a unique design idea: a sculptural structure consisting in metal and plywood transforming blocks that devide the space into more functional areas.

By moving and placing these pieces, you can create space out of what was once an empty area to define functions and new rooms. The shape of sharp bends of the blocks are specifically chosen and create a beautiful whimsical surface that fits each space separately. Some of these rotating blocks are folding and serve as a bedroom door or hidden kitchen compartments, while one  of them houses a TV, making it visible from both living room and bedroom. The kitchen equipment can also be hidden, so when you have guests the structure looks like a wardrobe as if your kitchen hadn’t been there. The white wall is finished by the bathroom door. The result: a stylish, smart and awesome small apartment.











Photos © Vlad Mishin


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