Materials for Sustainable Commercial Construction

Whether a building is being renovated or built completely from scratch, getting the job done correctly is no longer just about using the most common or the cheapest materials. 

Sustainable construction techniques are being used by an ever increasing number of builders in the 21st century, thanks to innovative new methods that provide affordability, durability and style via sustainable materials. 

It is paramount for construction companies to stay on top of the latest trends by choosing the right sustainable and eco-friendly materials to ensure buildings have a light environmental footprint but are still appealing and can serve the function for which they are being constructed. 

Why is sustainable commercial construction important?

Materials that are used for sustainable commercial construction are usually made with fewer chemicals than traditional materials and also come from renewable resources. These materials are more environmentally friendly and often also healthier for human beings as well. A number of the materials used for sustainable commercial construction also result in less pollution in order to make the whole planet healthier and cleaner. 

What kinds of materials are used for sustainable commercial construction?

There are a number of different materials that can be used in sustainable commercial construction.

Insulated Concrete Forms

One of these materials is known as Insulated Concrete Forms. This is made from a high-density plastic web, concrete and expanded polythene. ICFs are known to be strong, quiet, highly durable and energy-efficient and make attractive and highly functional office buildings. 

Reclaimed Wood

Another material often used in sustainable commercial construction is reclaimed wood. This is the name given to wood that is being repurposed in order to use for new construction and can be used for nearly anything, be it office furniture or even flooring. The historic and rustic feel of reclaimed wood often makes it very popular with business owners, and because harvesting reclaimed wood does not require any more trees to be cut down, it is seen as a very sustainable product. 


Another kind of flooring that has become increasingly popular this century is cork. Cork is made from tree bark but is considered sustainable as it can be harvested without the tree being killed. After another eight to fourteen years, the bark will grow back and may then be harvested again. 


Aluminium may well be the world’s most sustainable metals and building materials, in addition to being very easy to recycle. High-quality aluminum results from the recycling process, with no physical properties lost, while also making use of just five percent of the energy required for the creation of primary aluminium.

An aluminium sheet is a very strong material but also very lightweight, allowing it to be bent into a wide variety of different designs and making it useful in almost every part of the modern commercial construction industry. 

An Aluminium sheet is also highly durable and resistant to corrosion and rust, lasting not just years and decades while needing little in the way of long-term maintenance. 

The use of the right materials for sustainable commercial construction helps to create a brighter future for everyone.


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