Minimalist Interior Design Defines the Laurentian Long House

Far from noisy urban life, a beautiful house in the middle of the nature with minimalist interior design, stunning view of a mountain valley, what else can you ask more? Situated at the top of a mountain in the Laurentians, Laurentian Long House looks both from the inside and outside the perfect mountain retreat. Designed by Design First Interiors to take full advantage of the site, the house integrates gorgeously in a scenic landscape:  in an intimate proximity to a granite outcrop on one side while opening to expansive distant views on the other.


With an exterior blending materials selected for their tactile earthy quality to harmonize with the natural surroundings, the mountainside home seems to be one of that lovely rustic ones. But looking to its contrasting interior style represented in a subtle simplicity, we are pleasantly surprised by a modern and minimalist interior design featuring a  neutral color palette which bring a sense of calm and serenity.


Large expanse bay windows enhance the personality of the home and display a sense of order and lightness which dominates the open plan spaces all day long and create a strong connection with the outside wild nature as it was the client’s wish to enjoy the changing weather moving through the valley. Wheather we speak about living and dining rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedrooms, all of them display a certain elegance where minimalist details of the custom-designed furniture and built-in cabinets blends with carrefully selected lighting creating a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.









Photos: © Design First Interiors.





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