Mobile trading, the biggest trading trend of this decade

The use of cellular technologies in stock trading is known as mobile trading.

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Rather than being limited to conventional trading methods by screen, mobile trading enables investors to enter trading platforms via their phones. Smartphone owners can now effectively monitor their portfolios even though they are not near a desktop or laptop thanks to this technology.

Moreover, accessing accounts and placing orders from one’s mobile computer is part of mobile trading, all major brokers have mobile apps where you are able to connect your mobile phones and it easier to have access while being outside of your workplace. 

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How does mobile trading work? 

Though users of mobile devices such as Android phones and iPhones have often been able to monitor the stock market’s results, mobile trading apps provide users access to online trading sites that can be used to conduct trades instantly from anywhere. To encourage their customers to sell directly from their mobile devices, every major brokerage has an Android app, an iPhone app, or both.

Individuals will now sell and spend from the safety of their own homes or from anywhere in the world with an Internet link thanks to mobile trading. This ensures that people will trade from their place of employment or even while on holiday in distant lands. With mobile-only trading applications like Robinhood’s commission-free trading, mobile appears to be the most convenient and cost-effective choice.

Major trading apps 

There are many notable platforms and applications that are very well known and used in the financial market. Everyone who is a beginner wants to start trading with best Forex brokers, because most likely, they have better reviews, experiences and offering better platforms and services to their clients. Three major apps in the industry are: 

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TD Ameritrade – TD Ameritrade, one of the first firms to pioneer internet trading from desktops, now provides a range of trading and investing smartphone applications that can be customized to individual trading or investing types and needs. The simple TD Ameritrade Smartphone software has a comparable interface to a trader’s desktop stock trading setup, except it’s optimized for mobile. The TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader software, on the other hand, is much more powerful. 

Robinhood – Before launching its website, Robinhood was only available as a smartphone app. The most well-known feature of Robinhood is that it provides absolutely free stock trades. Although you won’t be able to swap securities like mutual funds or options with Robinhood, it’s a great idea if your portfolio consists more of stocks and ETFs. The organization also added support for Bitcoin trading as well. The app is designed to help you keep track of the stocks you own and those you’ve added to your watch list. Though Robinhood trades are free, more advanced customers can move to a Robinhood Gold account, which allows for margin trading and trading outside of normal business hours.

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Acorns – Acorns is a Robo-advisor that caters to first-time investors and others who want to leave their investments on their own. The app will build customized indexed portfolios using ETFs from a variety of asset groups, tailored to your risk tolerance and time horizon. Acorns can log your spending and round-up payments to the nearest dollar if you add your bank account or credit card to the app.

Summing It Up 

Finally, to sum up, there are a lot of advantages that are brought by technological advancements. Most importantly, mobile phones are given big importance and there is nothing left today, that cannot be done by the mobile phones. Not everyone would imagine several years ago that difficult activities such as trading which requires strong software and hardware technologies, would be able to execute by using your own mobile phones. However, it is not the final result of the technological developments in the financial sector and many things are still to come on the horizon. 


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