Modern and Creative Cabinet Design for Original Interiors

Romanian designer Andrei Otet has some interesting works in his portofolio like this creative cabinet design that we’re showing you today and this unique chair inspired by human spine we wrote about last year. His way of combining functionality and aesthetics into a piece of furniture ranks high in terms of originality and we enjoy sharing with you these kinds of projects. When creating this inventive Walking Cabinet, he thought to create something that is modern and has a dynamic appearance, but certainly different for traditional furniture items we see everyday.


The result is a cabinet with an appealing organic design, made of a lovely combination between modern materials such as wood milled on cnc  for the front of the drawers, and corian for the body and the legs. The use of two colors with an eye-catching pattern gives life to the design, creating a beautiful visual effect. The Walking Cabinet, as the name suggests, seems to be permanently in motion due to its multiple thin legs, which create an almost cartoon-like appearance that brings a sense of fun into an everyday piece of furniture. Elegant and stylish, it will be a wonderful addition to original interiors.

Photos © Andrei Otet

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