Modern Industrial Maracanã House in Sao Paulo

Searching for a place where it can be experienced the idea of ​​elementary residence, Terra E Tuma Architects in Brazil designed this modern industrial house in Sao Paulo, a town whose contemporaneity is able to put in front of the most extraordinary urban contrasts, proving to be an encouraging condition to inhabit it. The presence of the Maracanã House in such a place was a totally new event, its discordant, opaque geometry compared to traditional homes in the neighborhood shows up amazing and caught the attention of curious people, who wondered about the emergence of this new building.


Occupying the entire property available, this residence raises as a unique place, where the interior and the exterior merge into a continuous and proper configuration, revealing new possibilities for the limitations imposed by the narrow lot. By using vertical and horizontal pathways,  Terra E Tuma Architects managed to create a new spatial experience which helps to understand better the peculiarities and the geography of the neighbourhood.

A seemingly grey structure that is all built of concrete blocks with large openings of dark metal glazing frames form a backdrop for a succession of spaces, sometimes large, sometimes narrow, sometimes bright, sometimes shaded, with an industrial chic look that still feels warm modern thanks to rich woods and pops of color that makes the atmosphere more cozy and inviting. Collections of grouped objects make it all feel like home, whilst creating natural edges with outdoor plants in the residence’s vast open spaces bring more vitality, but also a fresh and highly original décor. The Maracanã House features on its exterior also an Alexandre Mancini original ceramic artwork suspended from the upper level, just to preface the overall mood of the home once indoors.







Photos © Pedro Kok


Project details:

Architecture: Earth and Tuma Architects, Danilo Earth, Peter Tuma, Juliana Assali, Juliana Iha, Adriana Aoki
Structure: AVS, Carolina Ayres, Tomas Vieira
Electric | Hydraulic: Minuano Engineering, Jasel Neme, Cybele Neme Báez, Roberto Abou Assali
Construction: RKF, Rafael Alves
Landscaping: Gabriella Ornaghi Landscape Architecture, Gabriella Ornaghi, Rodrigo Bordigoni, Ricardo Tadashi
Panel: Alexandre Mancini
Woodwork: Alceu Earth
Locksmiths: Edison Shigueno

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