Modern Leisure Residence Overlooking Breathtaking Scenery

The modern leisure residence SJC is a project envisioned and designed by Agraz Arquitectos and it’s located in San Juan Cosala, Jalisco. The total living area of this building is 546 square feet, on a lot that measures no less than 2652 square feet. The residence stands out due to its contemporary architecture and its white exterior pleasantly contrasts the surrounding landscape.


Located on the edge of Lake Chapala, the House SJC’ (San Juan Cosala Chapala) solution is the result of a belvedere that allows the contemplation of light, colors and weather in each one of the year’s seasons of this beautiful and breathtaking Mexican lake that is a natural cyclorama for this water front project. The residence impresses due to an optimum indoor/outdoor connection, an welcoming pool and modern interior design. Access towards the main entrance is provided by a path passing through a garden, which makes distance between home and road, and a double-height lobby where are the stairs leading to upstairs. The interiors feature minimalist, tasteful furniture arrangements in black and white colors. Large windows provide extensive water views, making some of the rooms truly welcoming while the “infinity” pool blends with the natural artificial horizon of Lake Chapala.

Photos: © Mito Covarrubias.

Designer: Agraz Arquitectos SC. Ricardo Agraz
Contributors: Erick Martinez, Brenda Barron, Javier Aguirre, Juan Antonio Jaime
Construction: Juan Carlos Sainz
Location: San Juan Cosala, Jalisco
Completion date: Spring 2011
Site area: 2652 m2
Built area: 546 m2







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