Modern Minimalism: The Art of Simplifying Your Space

Modern minimalism is the art of simplifying your space to its most basic elements. This style of decorating emphasizes clean lines and neutral colors to create a minimalistic aesthetic.

Recently, this movement has grown in popularity due to the global financial crisis and environmental worries.

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Less is More

To simplify your space, it is necessary to reduce what you own. This can be accomplished through an intensive decluttering process and by only collecting high-quality, timeless items.

Modern minimalism is a design aesthetic that emphasizes clean lines, empty space and muted colors. It emphasizes quality over quantity and utilizes natural materials for its visual appeal.

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This minimalist philosophy of life is founded upon the principles of architecture and German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s work. While some attribute the idea of “less is more” to Robert Browning’s 1855 poem “Thoughts on Art”, it’s widely acknowledged that Mies van der Rohe pioneered it.

Minimalism is an approach that promotes living a more intentional and mindful life. It can save money, reduce stress, and give you time for family, friends, and pets – not to mention making you feel more confident in your own skin! Minimalism offers many advantages; it helps save money, reduce stress, and promotes financial security.

Space is Key

Modern minimalist spaces require a sleek and open interior free from unnecessary clutter. Yet for it to feel warm and inviting, homeowners must strive for balance.

One way to accomplish this is by investing in quality pieces that will last over time. Our Burrard sofa in Seasalt Gray and Texa rug in Vanilla Ivory make for a cozy spot for all members of the family to unwind.

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If your color palette is neutral, add texture with textures such as shag, faux fur, leather and wicker for visual interest.

Minimalist homes typically feature large windows that let natural light flood through the rooms, creating the illusion of larger and more open rooms. This trick works especially well in smaller houses as it helps make rooms appear bigger and brighter.

Embrace Neutrals

When it comes to simplifying your space, neutrals are key. These colors reduce visual clutter and offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Neutrals are also an excellent way to make your space cozier. They create a sense of depth and coziness in small areas by layering on more neutrals.

Furthermore, paints add an aesthetic element and spark interest. For instance, bright hues can draw attention to certain parts of a room, making it stand out.

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Another benefit of neutrals is that they serve as a blank canvas for more vibrant accessories. This approach works especially well for minimalists who wish to introduce some vibrant hues into their space.

Finally, many homeowners opt for neutrals when selling their homes. This makes the house appear cozier and inviting for potential buyers.

Keep It Simple

Modern minimalism is an interior design style that emphasizes simplicity. This includes the absence of decorative flourishes, neutral colors, and clean lines.

Minimalistic design can be an ideal solution for those looking to reduce clutter and maximize space. But this style goes deeper than simply eliminating items, it requires you to showcase those things you actually use on a regular basis.

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Maintain a clutter-free workspace by storing, donating or selling items you no longer require or want. Doing this can help prevent feeling overwhelmed in your space and making following a minimalist design scheme much simpler.

Minimalism is an art movement with roots in De Stijl, Neoclassicism and traditional Japanese art as well as modern architecture. This style was officially codified after World War 1 and continues to shape how we think about design today.


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