Modern Office Furniture System Defined by Elegance and Refinement

eRange is an office furniture system from BN Office Solution company which was developed by London design agency WertelOberfell Platform. eRange is a fully trained scientifically system -modern and bright, comfortable and ergonomic, yet elegant. Even the smallest detail is of great importance as it contributes to the office’s elegance and design.


It features a modern and timeless design at the same time. Letter “e” refers to the most advanced electronics, but also means “essential”. Organic curves, the reduced and simple shape, modern colors, functionality and aesthetics designed with utmost care emphasizes this system’s individualism. eRange model is inspired by the most advanced technology on the market: fully ergonomic products of Apple, Sony, or Philips. The subtle tones of the project were combined with high functionality and daily comfort of users. The offices, computer cases and the side cabinets are equipped with silent drawers.


The doors of all system’s elements open with the touch opening mechanism. system also possesses very economical solution in terms of power supply. It’s made from MDF in various colors: white, black, gray. One of the most important features eRange system is the functional, discreet and aesthetic way of cables’ tension. The architects who uses this stylish office furniture system, can match greatly the office with the customer’s personality and the company typology in which it lies due to the possibility of combining the office with worktops and additional elements.







Photos: © BN Office Solution.

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