Modern Sofa Design Displaying a Pair of Side Tables by Pablo Llanquin

“Sofa Float” is one of the latest work of Spanish industrial designer Paul Llanquin, who has a proven experience with various products that are currently sold in different retail of his country. Striking simplicity and a modern-vintage look is what capture your attention at first sight making from it a fresh indoor furniture piece. The design is excellent and really eye-catching, not to mention that its body, which has a space to sit cosily 2 people, incorporates also a pair of side tables on one side and the other and it instantly transforms from an ergonomic seat into a comfortable bed for your moments of relaxation.

The side tables offer support for different stuff like a vase, a glass of water or reading books while store magazines inside them. It also allow you to lie using the backrest of the sofa as pillows. The wooden support creates a wonderful contrast making the “Sofa Float” a modern piece of decor that will change in one minute the entire ambience of your room through its simple presence. Here are some inspirational images with the product. Take a look!





Photos © Pablo Llanquin


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