Modular Sofa with Original Design by Calia Italia

Italian company Calia Italia‘s experience in creating sofas, armchairs and sofa-beds with higly original design dates back to 1965. Over the years their master artisans have made unique pieces of furniture, which blends functionality with design, cosy shapes and careful attention to details inspired by the real beauty of its land. Thus, their products would always match the beauty with comfort. Part of the Urbana collection, a beautiful collection designed especially to welcome your guests with elegant informality and enjoy your living space with ease and functionality, this sofa we show you today -Blues- draws attention thanks to its playful and versatile design that would give to any room a breezy elegance.

Showcasing a contemporary, unquestionably Italian style, Blues is a modular sofa with a multicolored pattern, a real shape-shifter offering various aesthetic and housing solutions. Its distinctive feature as you can see from the pictures below is the high back which features two flexible tubular bars inside the padding, thus allowing you to modify and fix it in endless positions according to varying comfort needs. Nothing unusual until now. But the original design of Blues has a sound version, that means you can listen to music in complete relaxation because it comes equipped with two speakers and a Bluetooth transmitter. How does it sounds?

Photos: © Calia Italia.

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