Modular Stool Displaying Fascinating Optical Effects

Modular stools make our lives more interesting and are ideal for customizable seating areas. “Rayuela stool” designed by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón could be part of your next space transformation, as it can be personalized to suit your own interior design.

Due to its beautiful tile-like pattern and efficient unique rhombus form, the modular stool can be combined to provide versatile arrangements to suit almost any area. It consists of a single basic piece (a leg with 1/3 of the seat) with three legs. Every stool was conceived to be used separately or be adjoined to another one and shape original borderless surfaces with infinite pattern combinations and fascinating optical effects.

Rayuela stool will be presented at Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2012 in Milan (17-22 April).








Photos: Falkwyn de Goyeneche, Alfonso Herranz.



Rayuela Stool-Video









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