Moerenuma Park – Isamu Noguchis ambitious project

If you ever visit Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido from Japan, you should have in mind not to forget to visit the amazing Moerenuma Park. Moerenuma Park is a great concept, it’s master plan being created by a world famous sculptor, Isamu Noguchi in 1988. Covering approximately 189 ha., the project was fully completed in March 2005 and today the park takes its visitors into an unexpected and delightful experience. According to artist’s vision, the whole park was designed to be a sculpture which aims to shape a green networking areas around the center of Sapporo.

Forest of Cherry Trees, Moere Beach, Play Mountain, Tetra Mound, Sea Mountain, Glass Pyramid “HIDAMARI” and many other “living sculptures” offers a great variety of facilities to young and old alike. The sculptural qualities of these symbols of the park turn them into mysteries that invites us to explore and discover hidden promises.
Moerenuma Park is considered an excellent large-scale example of what Noguchi called “the sculpture of spaces” and it’s an example of a large campus where nature and art come together. The park has won a number of awards including the Good Design Award in 2002.

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