Money Origami

The novelty of creating different forms with money, quickly took hold those who love design, with this method of bending the banknotes can perform various complex shapes. Various models of birds, animals and other objects were created from a single dollar bill, but to make these forms you can use any paper money. In this section, I will present exceptionally samples created by Won Park aka the ‘money folder’ who is a practitioner of origami art. He bending, twisting and folding ; the artist, creates different shapes inspired by objects.

Like the translation of origami say “folding paper” now exist a new term for the money origami -“orikane” this meen ” folding money”.

One of the enjoyable thing about origami art is that any person can do this activity. In this branch live endless sources of inspiration and the objects are throughout, the significant advantage is that the papers for design this forms is into yours pocket.

The origami technique attract many lovers of art and to learning origami is fascinating, to make one design project with one dollar is certainly a small expense. Since the first attempts, you can make basic shapes, but there exist certainly some truly beautiful and complex models of arts can be produced with this technique, for that, you should have patience and to spend time to practice this work.

In this domain exist many tutorial and books which teach you how to create shapes with the origami technique. The video tutorials and the books are the best modality to understand this practice, but when you look at the videos and see someone making the forms is more easily to learn this technique.








 All images © Won Park

Money origami is one of the best way to introduce your talent for art, in the end your work will give you many satisfaction.


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