Most Used Kitchen Sink Trends in 2021

With more and more interesting designs popping up in every field, it’s clear that our kitchens will also be influenced by them.

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After all, one design or trend influences the other until you get to see in your kitchen something straight from a fashion show – more or less.

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As such, in today’s article, we’ll take a look at this year’s trends in terms of the central piece of a kitchen – namely the sink. In short, we’ll see what kind of designs, color pallets, and cabinets people choose for their beautiful sinks.

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  • Living in a Stone Age

Despite the modern feels of other designs and trends, it seems like marble is on its way back into our kitchens. For this particular material, people felt a need to opt for its veined aspect – namely, white or light-gray marble 24 x 18 undermount kitchen sink and countertops featuring gold or black veins.

This is probably because people feel the need to return to that classic luxury that we were accustomed to some years ago. After all, not everyone likes the new smart kitchen designs!

  • Darks Are Back in Place
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While some people design their kitchen with the marble trend in their mind, others contribute to the glorious return of dark colors.

For this, sinks are now surrounded by either granite tops or granite-like colors, such as dark-gray cabinets. Naturally, the sinks themselves usually feature metallic or matte dark colors that make them blend with the countertop.

  • Multipurpose Islands
Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe on Unsplash

One interesting trend that we see almost everywhere is that of multipurpose islands that take the sink and place it rather far away from the stove – but there’s a trick.

Instead of having the sink next to the stove – which is not always a good thing – people began to place their sinks in the island in front of their stove/countertop, making it act and serve like a mini-bar when needed as well.

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As such, we can say that some people out there take a look at the big picture and try to achieve more with the traditional kitchen appliances. In most of these cases, beige was the favorite color, for both countertop and sink.

  • Metallic Feels

As mentioned above, darks promote the use of metallic or matte colors when it comes to sinks. However, the fact is that more and more people tend to use a multitude of metals when designing their kitchen.

In short, we have the stools, the cabinets, and even the shelves made from some sort of metal or with a metallic feel. Naturally, in this case, the sink’s faucet comes with a modern/sleek design, while the sink itself is a simple, metal one – that fits just great with the rest of a metallic kitchen.

  • Gold Rich

Exquisite trends and designs will almost always incorporate gold. When it comes to sinks, truth be told, some of the trends that feature gold look better than a crown, so to say. 

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For example, an interesting design fits the edges of the sink into the countertop, making it seamlessly integrate into the latter, while the faucet – all golden as well – is disconnected from the sink.

This trend is best put in practice on clear white countertops featuring a glossy gold sink – the contrast is simply amazing!

  • The Vintage Feel

When it comes to a vintage feel, we don’t necessarily refer to sinks but to the faucets that adorn them. A vintage sink might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but vintage looking faucets have a certain elegance to them.

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As such, a sink trend with a vintage feel puts together built-in granite or metal sinks with a dark or light silver faucet. Naturally, if the latter comes with a vintage knob as well, then the trend is perfect!

The Bottom Line

After all, it seems that most people run away from overly-modern or smart trends – unless they’re tech enthusiasts, of course. 

As a result, more and more individuals turn towards built-in sinks or simply accompany the basic ones with delightful countertops. Given that most don’t want to go through the burden of a built-in sink, they apply some tricks (like the golden sink one) that make the transition from sink to countertop smoother. If you are interested in the upcoming home improvement trends in 2020, you can find more suggestions on


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