Moving 101: Highly Regulated Items

We have a list of items you can expect to be denied moving services for here, but this article covers an area a little grayer than those. Many of these items will be cleared to be moved, but the movers themselves may refuse a piece based on any number of issues with it. Let’s take a look.


Food is probably the number one denied item. While it’s easy to pack away dried goods like spaghetti or rice, items such as jars, and canned goods may be refused at the last moment. This is especially true if the truck will be traveling through extreme heat or cold. These items just don’t handle the stress well, and there’s little point in shipping food items that may not make it to the destination.

You can probably count on your dried goods with a long shelf life making it through the moving company’s inspection. Some other food products may be a bit questionable.

Outdoor Furniture and Living Appliances

Loungers, pool supplies, and fire pits may be wonderful investments when you buy them, but they often find their way to the curb when it’s time to move. Why is that? Most of these items are; there’s no polite way to say it, dirty. They’ve stayed outside since they came home from the store, and time has done a number on them. While it’s possible to save some of the outdoor furniture that has removable pads, this stuff is usually higher on the disposable list than it is on the “take” list.

The only way you’ll get these items on the truck is by cleaning them thoroughly and making certain that they’re 100 percent dry by the time the movers get there. We strongly recommend using a pressure cleaner on items that can handle the stress of such strong water. We also recommend placing these items under cover, preferably in a shed or a garage, if you’re really intent on keeping them with you throughout the move. This will help to ensure that these items fully dry out and that they can be taken with the shipment–without cause for concern for the rest of your belongings.

Homemade Items

From trebuchets to tea sets, it’s difficult to take homemade items with exceptional value. Why is that? Oftentimes, it is because there is no way to verify the value of the items. In the event of damage or a loss, the company is required to submit certain information to its insurance center. This means that the mover must find a way to confirm the value of the item that is damaged or is a total loss.

And that’s where things get tricky. Unless the client has a list of receipts from building or crafting the item, it is difficult to appraise. This makes some moving companies say no to homemade items, but other moving companies may be willing to take the risk if the value of the item isn’t considered to be exceptionally high.

Outdoor Equipment

This covers items such as mowers, weed eaters, saws, and other things that may have bio-organic contamination all over them. If these items are clean and lacking any sort of fuel, it’s likely that they will be packed without a blink. But a heavily used lawnmower with a questionable film of oil dripping out of it may be left behind.

Animal Pens

If you house outdoor rabbits or chicken coops, you can almost be certain that these will be staying behind. This is not due to some form of insult, but simply to the fact that there is no way to guarantee the cleanliness of a pen once it has been used.

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