Moving From A House To An Apartment

There are many reasons why you may want to move from a house to an apartment. Maybe you want less clutter in your life, or maybe you want to save money.

Less to look after

Most of us accumulate too much. We have too much furniture for our needs. We have too many clothes to wear. It sneaks up on you, but one day you look around and realize you have a lot of stuff.

When you move into an apartment, you won’t be able to fit all the things you had in your house. You will have to evaluate everything and decide what is coming with you and what isn’t. 

Some people might think this is a sad thing, but it isn’t. It is actually very freeing to let go of much of your old stuff. It is like you are unburdening yourself of a weight you didn’t know you had picked up. 

Save Money

You will find it is a lot cheaper to live in an apartment. You need less furniture. You have a smaller area to clean. You also won’t feel the need to fill up your environment with knick-knacks and curios just to fill space. Aside from these, apartments for rent in Berkeley and other cities in the US provide good amenities you can enjoy.

Heating and cooling are also a lot cheaper as there is less room to heat and cool. A house is an inefficient design for controlling the temperature. How often do you have to heat a large room when you were the only one using it? 

You will also find that with a smaller kitchen and bathroom, your cleaning time is significantly reduced. The money you save will add up, and you can put it towards something more useful than cleaning products. 

More Free time

With less space to clean and less stuff to worry about, you will find that you have a lot more time on your hands. 

This may feel awkward at first. More time usually means getting bored. When we have spare time, we usually try to fill it with TV, or the internet, or something else equally useless. 

But, if you have a passion that has been bursting to get out, more time is perfect. You will be able to do what you have always wanted to, and there won’t be any cleaning or organizing to leech your time away.  

Smaller Yard

Some apartments have an attached yard. In this case, expect the yard to be a lot smaller than what you would have with a house. 

This can be a good thing. A small yard requires very little maintenance. You probably won’t have to mow the lawn, and there are unlikely to be bushes that need pruning.

Sometimes a small yard is all you need to kick back and relax with a drink in hand and a good book. You may find yourself wondering why you ever needed a large yard in the past. In turn, Eagle Moving Company advices to organize your own yard sale when you are ready to make the move, because you can save a lot on moving, packing and storage services after you get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.

Less space

I have already mentioned that there is less space to clean, but there is also less space for living. This is something you will need to get used to. 

If you like a cozy environment, then this may be just your thing. If you are used to having plenty of room to pace around in, then an apartment may take some getting used to. 

Mainly, an apartment is good for someone who spends little time at home, or someone who likes to work at a computer, or someone who is happy just parking themselves in front of the TV and relaxing. 

Lack of storage

If you are used to storing things in your attic or basement, then you are in for a rude awakening. There is almost no room for storing things in an apartment. At best, you may have a cupboard where you can stash a couple of boxes. 

This is fine if you don’t have much, or are willing to get rid of a lot of things. Otherwise, you will need to look at hiring a storage unit. If you need self-storage in California, you can contact companies like Boxbee. They deliver empty crates at your door and pick them up once you’ve packed. Then they store your belongings in secure storage facilities and when you want your things back, you simply schedule a delivery back time.

Some people prefer this. They can store seasonal items like skis or a surfboard, and bring them to the apartment during the few months that they need them.


Depending on the type of apartment you move into, you may have a lot of nice amenities. Some apartments are set up like a resort with a spa, sauna, fitness room, and swimming pool.

If you move into an apartment that has any of these, make sure to take full advantage of them. You may learn to love living in an apartment when you have these kinds of goodies.

Best of all, you don’t have to clean and maintain them. Unlike a house, somebody else takes care of the maintenance. 


A great benefit of an apartment is the added security. A block of apartments is far less likely to get broken into than a house.

With apartments, there is almost always somebody around to keep an eye on things. Even if you don’t know everyone living around you, a potential thief is going to be far more wary about breaking into somewhere with so many eyes to see the.

With a house, no matter how good the security, you have to leave it empty from time to time. There is always the chance that it will be broken into while you are gone.  

Internet and TV

Some apartments will include internet and TV subscriptions as part of your monthly rent. This is a nice bonus if you can get it.

This will be one less added expense to worry about it. 

In some cases, you may not have a choice over which subscription packages you get. Your complex owner may have a deal with the company if they bundle packages together. It’s up to you whether this is good or bad.

Check what the situation will be before moving in. Many landlords will let you choose which packages you get, so make sure to ask. 

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