Stunning Musical Instrument With Bespoke Elements: Whaletone

It seems that  musical instruments over the years of production such as pianos have been improved in every way. They have been improved in such a way that we got to see stunning pianos like Whaletone, the most charming piano we’ve ever seen. Yes, this is a piano and is fully functional, not only a prototip. Its fascinating design conquered us we must say!

The producer of this professional musical instrument is talented Polish designer Robert Majkut who was inspired by the surrounding reality, in this case by the appearance of the largest mammal on earth – the whale. Its beautiful two-colour, black and white case of the classic model, and sleek curves resemble a whale which breaks the waves, visibly arching its body. Why whale? Because, according to Majkut, whales produce romantic sounds to fascinate people. Their conversation is a “majestic, gentle and melodic,” that those who once heard the sound of the whales will not be able to disagree.”


Photo: ©  Marco Curatolo Studio.

Challenging the classic notion of the instrument, impressive Whaletone piano is a bespoke musical instrument for true connoisseurs of music, with a unique combination of an original design and advanced ultra-sound and accurate technology, meeting the taste of both design lovers, and professional musicians. Whaletone is the perfect choice for connoisseurs who look for pianos that combine many aspects in one exquisite frame. Being able to respond to many music challenges, its true uniqueness is reflected in many variables. Every detail of the instrument has been precisely crafted: it is enriched with a Super Natural Piano technology, generating incredibly authentic sound of a string piano, a comfortable keyboard, perfectly transmitting the dynamism of sounds, and an Ivory Feel surface, closely imitating the real ivory and ebony keys.


Whaletone contains also a flagship model of Roland stage piano with a built-in list of 500 sounds. Besides the phenomenal and natural sound of a classic grand piano, Whaletone offers the complexity of programmed tones of vintage models from the 1960s and 1980s, different sounds variations, and possibility of creating new sounds. What we love most at this modern grand piano is built only upon request, perfectly matching to your personal requirements, configurations, and preferences.


The elements which make it unique are colours, gloss, material selection, individual adornments, personalization and the possibility of equipment configuration with additional options like a CD player, V piano card upgrades, software adding sound modules, LED display, internal sound processor with equalizer, and other individually chosen appliances. Whaletone is a celebration of personal taste and bespoke approach. Considering imagination part of the nature, designer has decided to give something back to the environment by supporting a program protecting endangered whale species. So, 1% from the value of total sale will be dedicated to an organization campaigning for whale protection.







 Photos: ©  Robert Majkut.


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