Must-Have Bedroom Gadgets of 2020

Smart home technology is always a great way to liven up your home and give it a unique touch as well as make life considerably easy for you. Whether you have trouble sleeping or waking up or your allergies keep acting up, these bedroom gadgets will make life super convenient for you. There are plenty of ways you can systematize your bedroom, but these smart gadgets will add a completely different touch to it.

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

The first in this, will obviously be a sleep tracker. Sleep tracking has gotten really popular these days, but who wants to wear a smartwatch to bed? Don’t worry we have got you covered. The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is a simple mat that you can put under the pillow and it will track your heart rate, sleeping cycles and even snoring. It syncs all the data to your phone so that you can review it whenever you want.

Sharp True HEPA Air Purifier

For people who have allergies and cannot stop sneezing or coughing even when they are in the sanctuary of their house, Sharp True HEPA Air Purifier will work best for you. The Sharp air purifier has a True HEPA filter, which helps remove up to 99.97% allergens in the room for instance dust, smoke, pet dander and much more.

It is ideal for a standard-sized bedroom and can effectively clean the air in a room that is about 143 square feet in size. The best part? It has a 23dB library quiet operation, which will not affect your Slumber Search.

Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones

Super tired but can’t relax? we’ve got just the gadget for you. With Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones help soothe yourself. These headphones are placed flat inside a comfortable headband. You can connect this headband via Bluetooth and play soothing or relaxing sounds to help you sleep or relax better.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours per charge and with built-in controls for play, volume and skip, it makes it easier to use. This band comes in small, medium and large sizes and is made from soft and moisture-wicking fleece fabric.

Philips SmartSleep and Wakeup Light

If you like to waking up to sunlight then this next gadget will be a life changer for you. Philips SmartSleep and Wakeup Light claims to be a light therapy lamp and an alarm clock that gives out almost natural sunlight for better sleep cycles, energy, and wellbeing.

This works a bit different from the basic alarms. Along with your preferred sound, this alarm clock gradually increases the light to give off the feeling of a sunrise so that you can experience waking up to sunrise instead of the harsh lighting around your room.

IKEA’s NORDLI Nightstand

If you are a neat freak this next gadget should be in your shopping list ASAP. In this technologically advanced time, the biggest problem we face is tangled wires. There is something about tangled wires that just makes you feel extremely frustrated and untidy.

IKEA’s NORDLI Nightstand has come to your rescue. This is a smart bedside table that lets you run the wires through the back and so you have a bedside charging station with no visible wires.

Helios Touch Modular Lighting

We are always in search of something to make our bedrooms look chic and effortless. Helios Touch Modular Lighting is here to make you halt your search for a perfect item. The following device is designed to soothe your mind with multi-colored lights.

They consist of light panels that can be easily placed on the wall in any shape you want. You can also change the color brightness using your phone or Siri or Alexa. It also offers customized illumination. The lights in this system also dance to the type of music that is played near them.

It has 30 modules of light which can be bought separately or as a complete set. It is a pretty modern and exquisite addition to your room.


There is not a single person who is not familiar with the feeling of getting into an ice-cold bed during the winters or not being able to sleep in a warm bed during the summers. Not to worry folks, BedJet is the ultimate solution for you.

This fan sends warm or cold air according to your preference through a flexible tube that connects to the mattress to quickly remove moisture and sweat from the bed. It is an instant relief for night sweats and hot flashes. You can also pair the device with your phone using  manufacturer’s application. It also allows different settings depending on the age and weight of people.

Back To The Roots Water Garden

Do you like the sight of a green ecosystem right in your room? It will be possible with a garden as unusual as this. Back To The Roots Water Garden is a smart ecosystem. It is made up of a fish aquarium where the fish waste turns into nourishment for the plants. As a thank you, the plants purify the water for the fishes.

Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

Are you tired of the same old design of a Bluetooth speaker? Want something eye-catching in your room? The Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker is just what you are looking for. This speaker is built with an 8W speaker spinning 360 degrees, which sends sounds in every direction.

The levitating speaker will auto light up with soft lighting which allows you to enjoy the music before you sleep. This makes for the perfect companion when you are watching your favorite shows and movies on the internet and TV.

Switch Bot

The next gadget, Switch Bot is a small mechanical switch. You can attach it next to any switch and  control it remotely. mainly with an app from your phone. It carries a small battery and sticks with a three-meter adhesive.

It is useful for wall switches, air conditioners or coffee makers. We can also configure it via Wi-Fi to control the house from outside. You can also use the Switch Bot app to schedule built-in timers, which is run without phone or hub.

We think this is a pretty useful gadget when you need to prepare for an exam and just want to rest for a couple of minutes, but fear that you will end up sleeping. Put this above the light switch and voila you’re all set.


We have mentioned some of the coolest and most useful gadgets out there. You will be able to find out more about these gadgets online as well. Just make sure you have a good internet connection, something that you can get by subscribing to Spectrum internet plans to help you stay connected.


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