MVHR systems (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery)

If you are renovating an old home or designing a new build, you should take some time to consider the heating system the property has and what improvements you can make to it.

Having a beautifully designed home can be a wonderful thing, but every home needs to be a cosy and comfortable place to be if it is going to be lived in. Many developers also need to take the environmental impacts of their building work and the finished home into consideration.

In the last decade, huge advances have been made in technologies that can keep a home warm and cosy, while also reducing energy consumption to help protect the environment. Using a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system is becoming a popular choice for property developers installing new heating systems or replacing an old one, and there are many reasons why.

How Do Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems Work?

Every home heating system works by heating the air of a home to maintain a comfortable temperature. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Systems use pumps and ventilation ducts to control the flow and temperature of the air in your home.

By using a heat exchanger to transfer most of the heat from stale and moist air in the home to fresh, clean air brought in from the outside, they heat a home very efficiently. Using this method, a well-insulated home can maintain a warm and toasty temperature inside using very little energy.

Can MVHR Systems Be Installed in any Property?

MVHR Systems are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to suit any property and can give any space the benefit of lower energy costs, while still having warm and responsive home heating.

The Nuaire MVHR system uses components that come in a variety of sizes, meaning there is a solution available for a space of any size and shape. The planning, design, and installation of a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system can be completed quickly and easily by a one-stop ventilation service, and the savings that can be made with an MVHR system will more than offset the cost of the components and their installation. 

What Advantages Do Nuaire’s MVHR Systems Give You?

Using an MVHR system not only saves you money on home heating but also creates some design opportunities that more traditional home heating systems cannot offer.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems use less space than the hot water boilers in a traditional central heating system, often giving you more space to use when renovating a property or designing a new one.

The ducting that a ventilation system uses can also be implemented as a design feature. Industrial themes and motifs have become incredibly popular recently, with the style often being used in dining and multi-purpose spaces. Exposing the ducting in these areas is the perfect way to achieve this style, giving the systems a form as well as function in your spaces.

Modern technologies are giving property designers and developers lots of new ways to take a more environmentally responsible approach to house building and renovation.

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems are an economical and environmental way to provide warm and welcoming heat that helps make a home comfortable and cosy.


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