Necessary Items You will Need in a Home Bar

Set up of a home bar can be a daunting task because you have to arrange numerous tools and glasses. Remember, you will need these tools for a full-blown bar or a cart bar. You must have separate glasses for champagne, white wine and red wine. Moreover, you will need cocktail utensils and Moscow Mule copper mugs

If you want to set up a home bar, you must start with a wine fridge. To buy the best refrigerator as per your needs, check out the exclusive collection of Love Craft Wines. See these critical tools for a bar.

Cocktail Shaker

If you want to enhance the taste and quality of cocktails, you will need a shaker. It is necessary to shook up the vodka, lemon juice or syrups. Feel free to choose beautiful shakers to increase the appeal of your home bar.

Dual Sided Jigger

To efficiently make cocktails, you have to measure everything precisely. With a small jigger, you can make delicious cocktails. A dual-sided jigger can be a great choice to decrease clutter from your bar.


Muddle can be expensive, but you will need this lifesaver tool to craft the best cocktails. With the help of a muddler, you can mash herbs and fruits in your shaker. It is a great way to prepare fresh cocktail without any clutter.


Corkscrew means a wine opener to de-cork a wine bottle within a few seconds. It can be a luxury for your home bar. Make sure to buy a high-quality corkscrew to save your time.

Wine Glasses Without Stem

You will need an all-purpose glass. Make sure to buy wine glasses without stem in a medium size. These are great to serve anything. For a starter bar, you will need these glasses to serve cocktails and wines. Moreover, you can easily store them as compared to glasses with taller stems.

Sleek Bottle Opener

For beer lovers, you will need a simple and elegant bottle opener. They can use this opener to open their beer bottles instead of disturbing you.

Bar Towels

You must have them around you to immediately clean little spills. Bar towels allow you to quickly mop-up a stained area.

Tongs and Ice Bucket

In numerous drinks, ice is an essential component. An ice bucket allows you to store sufficient ice for your guests. A pretty tong will help you to pick up ice to make refreshing drinks.

Bar Spoon

You will need a bar spoon to measure ingredients, such as syrup. A 30 cm spoon is enough for your standard-size glasses. Avoid too short spoons because these can increase mess around you. 

Hawthorne Strainer

With this tool, you can separate cocktails from remnants ingredients and extraneous ice while you pour from mixing glasses. It can fit in the rim of mixing glasses similar to a lid. Moreover, you will need a mesh strainer and a juice press.

A mesh strainer will help you to strain herbs and other components in a drink. With a juice presser, you can squeeze lemons and lines in your cocktail recipes.    


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