Neptus 60 Clif House architecture style with underwater view

Neptus 60 Clif House is an ambitious project architecture design, located in California, USA, 2002, designed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group, fore those who have a passion fore the nature and like to be in harmony and closer with it, a then these is the solution fore you.The underwater idea interior design is a great, unique and futuristic architectural design which consists in four elements, but connected them by a winding staircase that overlooks the sea, and by a glass lift.The shape of the Neptus 60 Clif House architectural design is a circular building in which the rooms has a spectacular interior design with large terrace and a night time area fore spend magic moments because of its wonderful overlooking sea, with three bedrooms. Also these architecture building has an observation deck like a little capsule at 20m above the sea level a spectacular place where you can enjoy the landscape and  a small underwater globe in acrylic al 10m below water level, amazing fore observe the sea life. Neptus 60 Clif House is a amazing architecture design.

Source: giancarlozema


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