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Real estate in Dubai

Dubai is a modern and fast-developing city. There are plenty of districts to invest in, but today we will discuss the ones that are quite new to the market.

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Property in Dubai

The World Expo 2020, which has become one of the main factors in increasing the investment attractiveness of Dubai and the growth in the real estate market, has already ended. It is noteworthy that even after its closure, it will continue to have a positive impact on the real estate market. And it’s not about the momentum that it set, increasing the demand for properties. The fact is that the Expo 2020 site will turn into a new residential area.

District 2020 will soon open in the city, located at the venue of the exhibition. It will not be just a district, but a full-fledged smart city, which has every chance of becoming the most popular location in the city. It is noted that at the moment all the necessary dismantling work is being carried out. It is expected that all of them will be completed within 3-6 months.

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Companies involved in the execution of the works note that the new district 2020 is already attracting potential tenants. International corporations have announced their interests, including Siemens and DP World. The creators of the project claim that the new district will become an innovation center where the stake will be placed on the development of modern technologies.

The main advantage of the Expo 2020 site is the availability of roads, utilities, and parking lots. It is this that will reduce the total cost of building the area, as well as significantly speed up the process of arranging the entire area.

Apartments and villas for sale in Dubai

District One is one of the most luxurious areas in the city, where luxury apartments and villas are located. It is here that the largest man-made lagoon and first-class infrastructure are located, aimed at providing the most comfortable conditions for residents.

The area recently set a new record in the Dubai real estate market. A luxurious mansion was rented here for an incredible amount of AED 7,000,000. Experts say that such a deal will be a strong start for the Dubai real estate rental market. Under the terms of the deal, the identity of the tenant is not to be disclosed. It is only known that the deal provides for one month of free accommodation for the tenant.

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In just one year, prices in District One are reported to have skyrocketed. If earlier a villa with five bedrooms could be rented for AED 500,000, then last year for the same villa you need to pay more than a million dirhams.

The main feature of this area is considered to be:

  • a very convenient location, 
  • a unique freshwater lagoon (one of the largest in the world), 
  • developed infrastructure, 
  • and many luxurious facilities.

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