Nursery Wallpaper Design Ideas

The excitement of expecting your little one and the joy of decorating the nursery is a challenging design project and a good way to express your emotional state through creativity.

In the interior design world, we can find a range of modern options for you. Also, nursery murals are a wonderful way to create a theme for your baby boy or girl’s room. Luckily, you don’t have to be an artist to be able to create interesting wall art because there are many different ways to decorate your walls.

Whether you look for a clean-lined space with a trace of traditional stylishness or you look for a more contemporary theme, we will give you some nursery design ideas that will help you decide what to choose. From artistic wall murals to enchanting motifs, there are various interesting and modern nursery design ideas for your creativeness.

While some of us prefer nurseries that are not destined to a specific gender, many desire designing with a baby girl or a baby boy in mind.

If you are looking for a baby girl nursery theme, you don’t have to limit to the conventionally “girly” colors and themes. On the other hand, if you want to revel in butterflies, perhaps the nursery mural wallpaper from below will pique your interest.

If you opt for adding a fairy tale style to space with a fairytale castle mural wallpaper, such as the one from below, a castle image is a popular choice, and your little one can fully enjoy it.

A nursery trend for baby girls is a glamorous décor with a Paris sunset wallpaper mural like the one from the below picture.

Nursery wallpaper murals are gaining more popularity for baby boys, also.

Colors such as blue, green or orange, frequently appear as hues for paint and decor. For an alternative to a painted mural, try using a wall image, such animal map wallpaper or stitched jungle animals.

Solar system planets or space rocket wall mural are all that it takes to create a spectacular nursery space.

If you look for a refined yet vintage effect, you can try combining earthy, classic colors with bolder designs.

Likewise, gender neutral nurseries add a drop of the unconventional and make the nursery space adaptable, opening up future design opportunities. A popular nursery style is modern eclectic, which often spotlights unusual collectibles and colorful shades.

When you’re faced with designing a contemporary nursery, you don’t have to feel the pressure to stick with a single theme. Though a unifying motif can be helpful, it is not required. Several of most creative spaces include a collection of items reflecting the personalities of their inhabitants. Put together furnishings and artwork that have a special significance to you, then add a decor that makes you smile.


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