Opening the Door to Your Dream Kitchen: 7 Types of Fridges for Every Homeowner

As the long-standing heart of the home, your kitchen plays an integral role in morning routines and milestone celebrations alike. 

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It’s a space that brings the whole family together, whether for a quick breakfast before school or a late-night snack. As an essential room in the house, homeowners spend considerable time, energy, and money to make the kitchen both beautiful and functional.  From custom cabinetry to flashy countertops, kitchens can be designed to fit any taste. One of the most critical components of a functional cooking space is the fridge. Not only does the appliance store and organize food, but it also serves as a stylish piece that anchors the room. 

Sifting through the wide range of fridges available on the market is daunting. Not to worry, here are seven models for every type of homeowner. 

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Built-in refrigerators

For those homeowners working with limited square footage, a built-in refrigerator saves valuable floor space. The stylish models are customizable to match existing cabinetry, so designing your dream kitchen is even more streamlined. Additionally, built-in refrigerators made after 2002 are environmentally friendly because they require less energy to function efficiently. 

The side-by-side refrigerator

A two-door model designates one side for fresh food storage and the other for frozen items. Large families benefit the most from the broadened storage opportunities, and the double doors make accessing various ingredients a breeze. Side-by-side models are also surprisingly sleek and are placed in narrow kitchen aisles without taking up too much space. 

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French door refrigerator

For large kitchens in need of an all-encompassing fridge, the french door model is ideal. With two upper-level doors, complete with multiple drawers and shelves, you can store any number of fresh produce and condiments. If space constraints are still an issue, unveil the large freezer drawer with the pull of a handle. Whether you choose to store fresh fruit or convenient TV dinners, french door fridges have more capacity to house your family’s go-to snacking options and are perfect for home chefs and large families alike. 

Top freezer refrigerator

Also known as a top-mount, top freezer fridges are standard in apartments and single-family homes. The freezer compartment opens at eye level, while the level below holds fresh produce.  The refrigerator storage tends to be larger than the freezer section, although both are easy to access. As the most common model, top freezer fridges are affordable for any homeowner, although advanced features are available for some models. 

Under-counter refrigerators

Smaller than most models, under-counter fridges are a type of built-in appliance ideal for a home bar or butler’s pantry. Most under-counter fridges don’t include a freezer section, but they offer several shelves for beverage storage. For fans of adult beverages, some models have specialized temperature zones to store wine and beer. 

Bottom freezer fridges 

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A bottom freezer model fits homeowners who tend to access the freezer more often than the fridge compartments. With a fridge section at eye level, you will also have easier access to fresh products without straining your back to bend over. Bottom freezers also come with customizable drawers that make organizing and cleaning a breeze. 

Wine cooler 

For those homeowners that are constantly hosting large dinner parties and late-night gatherings, a wine cooler is a perfect addition to your kitchen. A wine cooler preserves your favorite blends with humidity and temperature controls and slows down the aging process. The sleek appliance is also a stylish way to display your impressive wine collection. 

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Final thoughts 

Finding a fridge that meets your needs and design desires is essential for perfecting your kitchen. Whether you choose a compatible built-in model or a storage-packed french door appliance, you are bound to find your match made in culinary heaven. 


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