Ordering a Mattress Online: Tips and Tricks!

The concept of ordering a mattress online is relatively new.

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It used to be necessary to go into a mattress store and lay on a multitude of different mattresses until you’ve found the perfect one for you. While getting to try out a mattress is great, ordering one online also has many advantages!

So, how do you order a mattress online without laying on it first? Follow these simple tips and tricks to ordering a mattress online to guarantee you end up satisfied with your purchase!

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Why Should I Order a Mattress online?

There are so many reasons to order a mattress online, from convenience to price!

It’s a Time-Saver

Why spend hours out of your day visiting different mattress stores and seeing a fraction of the options you could? Scrolling through mattresses online is much quicker. In the time that you could try 5 mattresses in-store, you can probably view 100 online. Not to mention, you don’t have to leave your home which is both time-saving and convenient.

View a Wider Selection

It’s impossible to see the number of mattresses in person that you’ll be able to view online. There’s an endless supply of online mattresses from brands all around the world available at your fingertips. Why not take advantage of it?

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No Pressure from Salespeople

One of the worst things about shopping retail in-person is the sales pressure from employees. While they can give you information about the mattress, it’s usually only what they want you to hear. You won’t get the nitty-gritty truth like you would from a customer review or blog post online. Scrolling on the internet allows you to make a decision that is all your own, without outside pressure.

Avoid the Markups

Mattress stores often have high markups on their in-person supply. When you order a mattress online, you’re able to find the best deals and prices without the markups that often come with buying a mattress in person.

Tips for Finding a Mattress Online

1. Choose which Type

The first step to buying a mattress is choosing which type you’d like. There are 5 main types of mattresses: Innerspring, pillow top, memory foam, gel memory foam, and hybrid. Choosing which you’d like depends on what your mattress needs and preferences are.

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Back pain

If you struggle with back pain, innerspring or hybrid mattresses are great as they are typically firmer and provide more all-over support.

Joint Pain

If joint pain is your issue, consider a memory foam or gel memory foam mattress. These cradles your joints to provide specific pressure point support.


Foam mattresses are also best for restlessness, especially if you share the bed with a partner.


If you tend to overheat, an innerspring, pillow top or hybrid mattress will be best as they do not retain heat like foam mattresses do.

2. Find the Right Size

Choose the size of mattress you want! If you share a mattress with a partner or furry friend, you’ll at least need a full-sized. If you have a small bedroom, try measuring the space where you’d like to place your bed to see how big of a size you can get away with. Queen mattresses will fit in most standard-sized bedrooms.

3. Filter your Search

Once you’ve made the above decisions, filter your search to cut down on scrolling time. No need to look at mattresses you know you don’t want!

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4. Read the Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is essential when buying any furniture online. See what people had to say about the comfort, delivery time, and smell.

5. Compare Prices from other Websites

Once you’ve found a mattress you like, compare the price to that of other websites. You may be able to find a cheaper deal!


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