Organizing the Backyard with a Garden Shed

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  The backyard of a home can serve many purposes. Some homeowners may prefer to have an open, airy space for the kids to play, complete with a swing set. Others may have a large above-ground or in-ground swimming pool to beat the heat once the summer months arrive. Perhaps the preference is for a tranquil garden where the homeowner can tend to their blooms and enjoy fresh flowers and even food.

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Regardless of what purpose that a backyard serves, this area can become messy in a hurry. Toys and games, gardening tools, and pool supplies are all eyesores and tripping hazards. To clean up and organise the backyard and keep it clean in the future, invest in a garden shed. These sheds can be as large or small as a homeowner needs, and they can be made of plastic, wood, steel, or a combination of materials to look appealing and not detract from the colour and decorative scheme of the house.

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These durable sheds are also perfect for storing items that clutter up the backyard, once again allowing it to be an outdoor retreat. By taking advantage of all shed space, including the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling, it’s possible to clean up backyard items instead of just piling them in there and closing the door.

Swimming pool owners and gardeners know that it’s crucial to have a hose connected to the backyard. However, when not in use, leaving the length of the hose strewn across the grass looks lazy. Rolling up the hose with nothing to secure it is a fast way to end up with a pile of hose tubing on the ground. Instead, install a large metal or wrought-iron hook to the inside walls of the shed. Then just wrap up the hose and place it over the hook.

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Similarly, installing shelves with hangers for tools looks interesting and is quite effective. If a homeowner needs one particular tool in a hurry, they don’t have to rip apart the garden shed to find it. Hanging tools also prevents them from piling up on the floor of the shed, where young children can get their hands on them and accidentally get hurt.

Shelf space is also a necessity. These can be built into the wall using wood slats or the homeowner can even opt for easy-to-assemble metal or steel shelving. Installing wood shelves are practically permanent, but these take up less space than full steel shelves. However, steel shelving can be adjusted for more or less height, can be moved easily from one part of the shed to another, and can be simply disassembled if need be.

Consider using magnetic strips if space is an issue. Tools and other metal goods are magnetically attracted to the strip. Not only will this impress anyone who sees the inside of the garden shed, but it also saves room since the homeowner doesn’t have to add shelves to the wall or find room for steel shelves. This is one way to take advantage of every possible bit of space on the inside of this shed.

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