Original Handmade Furniture to Create an Unique Environment

These days we came across a beautiful collection of chairs and we couldn’t help not making an article about them. They caught our attention due to their original appearance with an intriguing design. The collection is designed by Japanese craftsman and designer Kin ichi Ogata who as an art lover, decided forty years ago to start its studio and to mesh structure with beauty through hand-made pieces for all everyday needs. Kin ichi Ogata’ collection displays original handmade furniture that will be with you for a life time and will surely create an unique environment through their presence: chair shaped like and named after “beans” that, in Japan, imply “Beginning” and “Growth”, benches with giant “buttons” as seats, chairs and stools whose wood seats are carved to look like tufted leather, and leather stools that look to be made of packing tape.Very inspiring, their design might strike some as unusual. Enjoy some photos!



Photos: © Kin ich Ogata.


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