Original Table Design Displaying a Captivating Pattern

With a keen interest in digital manufacturing, multidisciplinary designer based in Wellington, New Zealand, Sam Stringleman, has developed a creatively table design generated by the computer, where the surface density is defined through a web interface according to objects’ placement. Using a voronoi pattern, a mathematical method of dividing a space into a number of zones, the idea is that any movement of an object around the table will change the epicenter of the entire composition, creating a dynamic and unique surface pattern on it, but in the same time changing the structural shape on the underside which can lead to splayed legs.

The surrounding density of Fall Off Table is digitally controlled, representing a gradual decrease. The more objects you put on the table, the the more the density increases to a state of equilibrium to accomplish the required task, but once you change their positions, it will fall off. Very interesting concept, what do you think?







Photo © Sam Stringleman

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