Orson Coffee Table, a Sanctuary for Your Coffee Cup

“Life is too short to make ugly things,” believe designers from Hard Goods. If the cost isn’t the determining factor in a purchase for you, and you value design aesthetic, fine craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality, then the timeless pieces in concrete, wood and steel from Brandon Gore may be what you’ve been looking for. Because the material plays a crucial role in design, those from Hard Woods uses the highest quality materials available, designing creative furniture objects built to last for today’s consumer culture.


Their work is the result of countless hours of prototyping, testing, and sometimes scrapping their plans and starting over. Made in the USA, their products are living entities that get better with time and use, showcasing a beauty that lies in the imperfection of natural materials they use. In this post, we want you to meet their Orson coffee table, an interesting, meticulously crafted piece where form and function go hand in hand. Made of highly-engineered composite concrete and raw steel with waxed finish for the legs, the Orson coffee table is definitely an object with a lot of personality that will be a great addition for your home.

Like a sanctuary for you coffee cup, the table’s design features small holes in the shape of a plate like those for the coffee cup.  Each slab of composite concrete is sealed with a material that will not peel or yellow. In order to serve its purpose for years to come, the steel base is cut, fitted and welded by hand with the utmost care. The base is finished with a wax treatment that fosters a natural patina over time. The client has to options in terms of color for the concrete (Natural Grey and Limestone) and five options for the base color (Caterpillar Yellor Powder Coat, Forest Service Green Powder Coat, Hazard Orange Powder Coat, Lava Black Powder Coat and Glacier White Powder Coat). Besides its initial purpose, the Orson coffee table is great as a laptop workspace, the hub of a brainstorming session, or additional seating in a pinch.


Photos © Hard Goods

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