Parks to admire the landscape design in Las Vegas

Beauty and unity with wildlife have always positively influenced not only the emotional state of a person, but also his physical health. Therefore, recently it has become popular to equip private and public parks. A thoughtful and carefully planned cozy park is the place where you can enjoy nature, socialize, have a rest from the hustle and bustle of city life and gather positive emotions. Landscape design of parks in Las Vegas is like natural oasis on the background of skyscrapers.

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Beautiful parks with unreal design

Conservatory and Botanical Garden

These attractions are located on the site of the Bellagio hotel. The Botanical Garden has a truly magical view. Landscape designers created numerous figures of animals and birds out of thousands flowers and plants, and placed them on a spacious site. A visit to the local conservatory can be no less fascinating than a walk in the flowered garden.

Mystic Falls Park

The design of the modern park in the Las Vegas Strip, in addition to vegetation, includes unusual sculptures. The main ones are 18-meter metal constructions, which, thanks to fantasy, look like carved flowers and mushrooms. They create shade on hot days.

The Mirage

It is a tropical island in the center of Las Vegas. In front of the complex, there is a lagoon and an artificial volcano that erupts several times in the evening. This action is accompanied by beautiful music by famous composers. On the road, framed by palm trees, guests enter the paradise of the southern seas, where they see a tropical atrium with waterfalls over 27 meters high, orchids and other flowers. Nearby there are bubble lagoons and an aquarium of 91,000 liters of water, inhabited by more than 90 species of tropical fish.

Downtown Container Park

Actually, the Container Park is a very unusual place. What a cool concept it has – a park/store/food court built from old cargo containers, with toys and a creative play area for children! Opposite the park, you will see a huge praying mantis, which spews flames to the sounds of popular world melodies. Nearby there is a large sphere glowing in blue. Many residents and tourists come here to sit or lie on the lawn and watch a movie on a huge screen.

The desert landscape surrounding the city is of little use for life, but it is extraordinarily beautiful. Relatively close to Las Vegas, several nature reserves are definitely worth a visit. It is great that you can easily get to them using car rental from Firefly in Las Vegas!


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