Perfect Home Renovations: Best DIY ways to avoid any Major Overhaul

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Well-designed and cozy-comfort home! Yep, that’s what most us always crave for. And while there are many Do-It-Yourselfers out there who work consistently to update or renovate their homes — this might not be possible for many who can’t even differentiate between a drill and a table saw.


And for those of us, who belong to the latter category, the only option usually is to hire the services of professionals to perform the renovation jobs which often get associated with a lot of mess and a higher cost. I personally can attest to the immense mess and unexpected costs involved in a major renovation job.

The article focuses on some of the simple DIYs on how to renovate/update your homes avoiding any major overhauls:

Craft-Out Open Space:

Now whenever we consider home buying, open floor space is the foremost aspect which we always prefer. We always wish for an open floor arrangement where the dining room, family room as well as the kitchen shares a huge open space. And to make your place appear more open as well as airy is way too easy. Follow some of these tips to craft out Open Space at your home:

  • Just get rid of your useless, bulky and huge furnishings or just move these around the room to check for the perfect placements which provides the desired open space.
  • Consider painting your bulky and huge furnishings, which is consuming a lot of space, with a warm creamy or off-white color. It usually helps to trick the eye making it disappear in the room and make the room appear more airy, open and spacey.
  • One more trick of the eye is the efficient use of mirrors. And when placed opposite windows, mirrors reflect light into the room to make it look more open.

Adding New Lightings:

A scantily lit room appears dark as well as small and a properly lit room looks airy, open and greeting. Some of the easier ways of adding new lightings to your home can be as simple as purchasing table and/or floor lamps.

  • Place the taller floor lamps in the dark corners tactically to make the room come alive.
  • Layering these lightings with side-table lamps will make the room more warm, cozy and greeting.
  • You can even replace your out-dated fixtures with the modern ones available in the market.

Windows Update:

Your windows plead to be dressed! As these are being overlooked most of the time. Most of us just ponder about the room interiors only and we tend to leave our windows bare or we simply install blinds to maintain privacy.

Now we could even frame up the best of views by installing stylish window panels. And the options are endless as you can opt for some:

  • Bold-graphic-geometric panels.
  • Beachy gauzy white or cream sheers.
  • Modest bamboo shades.
  • And many a times the easiest alternative is to match your curtain panels with your wall colors.

Cabinet drawer pulls and Door handles:

Dirty worn out knobs as well as handle pulls would certainly make your bathroom and kitchen look quite out-dated and old-fashioned. Replacing all your cabinet and door handles is so simple and there are numerous ways to update these.

  • You can select from various types such as stainless steel, brushed nickel, bronze, copper and always purchase distinct styles which will work best with your room.
  • A country-kitchen will appear chic with modern-style knobs and a modern-kitchen will appear cool with vintage-style knobs.


Yard landscaping too is frequently overlooked. Though it is real easy to create some garden bed and plant more trees. First visit your local nursery. They’ll give you full advice and knowhow related to local plant life. Just enquire them about which of the plants will flourish best in your locality and which ones are the easiest to take care of.

Start slowly by adding some flowering shrubs in your yard and after that raise a small bed along a walkway and do layer-out the plants heights with the tallest at the back. With some time, efforts as well as patience, your yard would appear beautifully landscaped.

Wallpaper (easy to set-up as well as remove):  

Now there is a range of new and inexpensive removable-wallpapers available in the market. These come in amazing graphics and patterns which will turn your room appear like as if you’ve had spent a fortune on it. And of course, these can be removed simply by peeling-off and some of these can even be reused.

So there are numerous ways to remodel your home without incurring any huge expense and inviting any messy overhaul. All of these above little updates will surely help you out to renew your home, your sense of comfort as well as your inner-self.

Bio – Mary Brown is an Interior Designer having 8+ years of residential and commercial design experience. She quickly learned to appreciate good design and her family encouraged her to develop her own personal style. She is currently working with AffordableHomeinnovations.


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