Personalisation: the key to making your little ones’ room feel like home

The vibrancy and warmth that a child’s bedroom can create is unrivalled within the household…and that is exactly the way it should be.

However, decorating a child’s bedroom can arise a number of problems.

Firstly, as your little one grows, their tastes change and you’ll be on the hunt, yet again, for a new bed for your little boy or some fairy lights for your little girl’s bed. And no matter how small the bedroom is, this can become a costly venture.

However, there is a way to cut the costs of perennial redecorating whilst also retaining the warmth that makes a child’s bedroom feel like home, and that is through personalisation.

The most important factor in creating a personalised bedroom for your child is that their input is just as valuable as yours.

Not only can this help with your child’s creative development but it will also give them a sense of achievement and allow them to enjoy their bedroom even more.

So, how can you prepare for perfect personalisation?


  • Utilise your Child


Firstly, a great place to begin is by looking at any artwork that your child has done. No matter how messy or untidy the piece is, it can be used as the basis for an entire room’s design and colour palette.

It also puts your child’s work at the heart of the room, which will not only make them feel special but will also allow them creative license to personalise their bedroom even more.

While your child’s imagination may be incomparably wild, they are also the best judges as to how they want their room. And while their suggestion of pink and lime green may be a no go for you, find a way to establish their favourite colours into the room, without giving yourself a headache every time you enter!

Here are some handy personalisation ideas which may get you and your child’s creative juices flowing:


  • Ignite their Interests


If you child is old enough to converse, they are more than likely old enough to already have hobbies and interests.

Assess what they like and see how it can be adapted into their bedroom design.

For example, if your son adores space, why not try transforming his ceiling into a milky way. Glow in the dark stars are an inexpensive and fantastic way to enthral your budding astronaut.

If you are feeling very adventurous, you could try and personalise some furniture to resemble a rocket ship or UFO.


  • Make Room for family


Find a space in your child’s bedroom that can remind them of their family. At a young age, children rely entirely on their caregivers and extended family members for everything.

Place some pictures of the family on the wall. Get creative yourself with some art work from you to your child.

The bedroom is a safe haven from the world and your child will feel even safer and warmer if your metaphorical fingerprints can be seen.


  • Shared Separation


One challenge that can often rear its head when designing a child’s room is the issue of shared space.

If your children total more than one, then you may have two little people sharing the same space.

While some lucky parents will have children whose interests are exactly the same, others can often find that their kids are at war over how their room should look.

To combat this, consider areas of the room that you can separate. A divider or running a curtain across the room is a way of allowing each child to have their own space while still being able to access their sibling or reopen the space.

This will also enable the room to be decorated in two different ways, meaning both children should be able to get the room that they desire!


  • Make a Doodle Wall


It is no secret that children like doodling. It is also no secret that doodling anywhere other than on paper can cause significant damage to furniture and can result in a stern telling off for your little one.

To combat this and to ensure that your child’s room is as personalised as possible, why not dedicate one wall as a doodling space.

While you should monitor exactly what your child writes and draws, it gives them a fantastic area to create and express and can be utilised by everyone in the household.

Whether it be messages of love, drawings of UFOs or simple yet undecipherable doodles, a wall like this can transform the feeling of a room and hugely elevate its personalised feel.


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