Photophores blown glass – DIPTYQUE Hand-Crafted Candleholders

The famous candles brand Diptyque Paris ignites for Jean-Marc Gady, emerging figure of French design by entrusting the implementation of its mini-lanterns for candles. To complete the online accessory brand, the young designer has created a collection of three mouth-blown, hand-crafted candleholders. They are ribbed, double twists or twists, these gems are made by hand, according to a craft of luxury in a glass blowing workshop called “Flame.” How does it work? From a glass tube transparent fluted glass craftsman shapes the piece by piece, from his breath and using some specific tools in graphite, to over 1000 ° C, the exact form of photophore envisioned by the designer. Resting on a black Bakelite base that protects the surface on which the candle burns, it is in cahoots with this beautiful candle holder that sublime dome light.




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