Plaster Cornice Designs to Enhance the Appearance of Your Room

Plaster cornices are essential elements of décor. They are the top most portions of moldings or other architectural structures. Generally, you will find these horizontally below ceilings or on top of windows. They give an aesthetic value to the room. Cornice could be made from wood or plaster but plaster cornices are preferred more. The term has an Italian origin, referring to ‘ledge’. When you hire plaster cornice suppliers, they will create a design that suits the style of your home. The structure will be dependent on its intended use. And the right plaster cornice suppliers will aid you in this.

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Uses of plaster cornice

There are several styles of cornice and the locations at which they are installed. Given below are some of the popular areas where they can be installed:

1. Ceilings

Applied at the joint where the ceiling meets the wall, this type of structure is painted in the color of the ceiling instead of the color of the wall. Ceiling cornices are more or less simple and tension free. They act as a decorative element for areas which would have otherwise had plain, normal joints. In certain homes, the structure can be adjusted to fit in concealed lighting.

2. Windows

The purpose of window cornice is to hide the hardware required for curtains and drapes. Carpenters will generally attach structures to bind blinds and drapes on the wall. These can give a dull and dirty look. Cornice of this type is generally made out of wood but you do have the option of plaster cornice. The standard design used at this location is an open rectangular box with three sides and one length free. Sometimes domes and other structures are also created with the cornice lines. Plaster cornice suppliers have several design sheets from which you can choose what suits your style. You may also ask to take you to sites where they have worked and take a look at the final appearance first hand. Cornice on windows is mostly covered with fabric to look in context with the upholstery of a room, giving a feeling of coordination. If you do not want the attention to be taken by the cornice, you could cover it with wallpaper. This gives the room and complete and polished look.

3. Exteriors

External cornices are added for the purpose of protecting the building from rain. Majority of plaster cornice suppliers in your area can provide custom designs allowing you to choose from a wide range of styles. A lot of manufacturers are also capable of replicating an existing design pattern from an architectural era – be it the Georgian architecture or Victorian architecture. These patterns are ideal when historical buildings are being restored and refurbished. Most often, external cornices are for their functionality and not decorative purposes. You may use several kinds of architectural designs and give your building a crown. It is suggested that these cornices have a slight slope so that rainwater does not get stagnated.

Custom cornice

Just like everything else, cornice designs can also be custom created. You can alter the dimensions of the pattern to suit your requirements, and you can also coordinate it with décor elements such as wallpaper and fabric. Customizing with plaster cornice suppliers may turn out to be an expensive affair but the style and substance it is going to add, will be worth the investment.

Finding plaster cornice suppliers

There are a large number of suppliers providing plaster cornice designs these days. With the evolution of the Internet, you can perform a quick search on Google to identify the ones existing in your area and also take a look at the work completed by them. The Internet gives you an opportunity to visually look at images and at the same time read previous customer’s feedback on plaster cornice suppliers.

Cornice adds to the look of your home and plaster cornice suppliers are carriers who change the look of your home. Therefore, be sure that you clearly discuss with these suppliers before getting the installation process started.

This blog is intended to provide you useful information about Plaster Cornice Designs. Let’s go to the details and find out more idea and Designs.


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