Portable Mp3 PLayer Concept For Next Generation Users

How did you think would look like portable mp3 players in the future? While there are a lot of mp3 players concepts out there, Mp3 Player CREATIVE is probably one of the coolest. It’s always refreshing to see great new designs that comes up. Developed by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata, this sleek music player concept is very original and fashionable. With a stylish and futuristic design, Mp3 Player CREATIVE  features a flexible OLED screen that displays the playlist and also lets the user select the song or control volume with just a touch of a finger, and includes wireless headphones to offer clutter-free music on the go. Its bracelet shape allows mobility and dynamism in use and gives easy access of the functions to the user. See some photos below. What do you think? Would you buy such a product?







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