Post-it Table: Cool Idea to Express Your Thoughts

Who could thought that you can keep important notes, reminders and even your creative sketches and ideas on a post-it table? We all know the famous post-it sticky notes pads which make our life easier at work, school or home, but a post-it table is something really cool. The ingenious idea belongs to a group of italian designers from Soup Studio who created it for the 2008 International Designer’s Workstation Competition.


The “Post-Itable” design concept focuses on simplicity and functionality: a table with a top made of super large post-it notes that can be used both as a table and as a notepad. Highly practical and easy to move around, this post-it note desk is a great support for anything you have in mind and want to write down.  Once finished sheets, simply replace them with a new block to get a new table. This table would be ideal for anyone who works in a creative domain, for brainstorm sessions and not only. We find it the perfect tool for kids for drawing too. What do you think of “Post-Itable”?




Photos: © Soup Studio.

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